Kasco Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration System

Before we jump right into talking about the Robust-Aire™ system, let's establish why aeration is necessary, its benefits, and why diffused aeration is an effective method. 

Aeration is a vital part of having a healthy pond or lake. It provides better water quality, bigger and healthier fish, as well as reducing or even eliminating odors and undesired algae. It is necessary for predictable performance from your pond. There are different ways and methods for aeration - waterfalls, aerators, fountains, etc. Diffused aeration is when compressed air is injected into the bottom of the pond, diffusing it into thousands of tiny bubbles that rise to the surface. The result is thousands of gallons of water mixed, turned, and aerated while expending a small amount of energy. 

Kasco's Robust-Aire™ diffuser sits at the bottom of the pond and uses remotely installed compressors and SureSink™ UV Resistant weighted tubing to deliver the air to pond. The diffuser has a plastic base with an open port that can be filled with gravel to ballast. The air is broken up into tiny bubbles that the are then released into the pond and rise to the surface. Some of the advantages of this system:

  1. No electricity in the water. No restrictions on boating, swimming, or fishing.
  2. Easy to maintain. Most maintenance is done from shore at the compressor cabinet.
  3. Energy efficient*
  4. Remote installation. Air can be delivered from 1/4 mile away.
  5. Manufactured by Kasco. Reliable, durable, and high quality.

Several years ago, we were called in to look at a pond that had an existing diffused air system installed. The small bubbles created a “white ring” in the pond that had kind of a cool look to it. The problem was that they were not experiencing the water quality they hoped to achieve when they originally installed the system.

As we looked at the system, we knew it was adding sufficient dissolved oxygen. However, we could see that the flow from bottom to top was too slow. Diffused air systems that perform the best are designed to eliminate the thermocline in the pond. Thermocline is the layers created by different densities of water. In the summer time, the cool lower stratifications can become anaerobic and potentially toxic in the water. This results in very poor conditions for fish. The best diffused air systems will use the science of air lift to move the water from the pond bottom to the surface. This is the way to keep water quality consistent and naturally healthy throughout the water column. This allows the pond to “breathe” and give off some of those toxic gases.
We determined the volume of water in the pond, then sized our system to “turn” the pond. In this case, we wanted greater turn than once per day, so we designed our system accordingly. Robust-Aire™ from Kasco Marine has, via independent 3rd party testing, the highest flow rate in the industry*. This means we can turn a pond more efficiently and with less product then our competitors. For more information on our systems, see http://www.kascomarine.com/products/robust-aire-diffusers/.

*To see results of the 3rd party testing and the energy efficiency of RA, click here.