Firestone QuickPrime Plus

Whether you're dealing with a pipe, patching a hole, or just seaming two sheets of Firestone EPDM Liner together, you need QuickPrime Plus. QuickPrime Plus is used whenever creating a bond with cover tape, splice tape, form flash, pipe flashing, patches, or corner flashing.

Some things you need to know about using QuickPrime Plus:

  1. It is NOT Bonding Adhesive, Spray Adhesive Primer, or Splice Adhesive
  2. When using, it must be STIRRED, not shaken.
  3. Must be applied with the applicator pad provided by Firestone

Before you apply your tape or flashing to the QuickPrime, it must flash off. It needs to become tacky. How long this takes depends on heat, humidity, and other factors. Once the seam is made, it is best to roll the seam to mate it together, starting length wise in the middle and working out to the edges, then cross way. After that, you're done! It still needs some time to cure, but you may apply water immediately. 

The advantages of using QuickPrime Plus is its ease of use, quick install, and it's immediate effectiveness. To learn more about QuickPrime Plus, view the Technical Information Sheet here.

Where laws prohibit volatile organic compounds, we have LVOC QuickPrime Plus.