Fiber Optic Lighting

IlluminFX Fiber Optic lighting makes lighting a pond and keeping it lit simple and easy. A Fiber Optic lighting kit has strands of fibers that carry light from an external source, an illuminator. These strands can be end-emitting or side-emitting. The illuminator sits outside of the pond and delivers light through the strands. This means that while the strands are carrying light into the water, they are not carrying any heat or electricity. The end-emitting fibers are small and can be “nestled” in between rocks and pointed at water falls for a stunning effect. The side-emitting fibers can be ran along the exterior of a pond or waterfall to light the outline, or even a walkway or deck. A color wheel can be added in the illuminator that can rotate for a changing color effect, or can be set to one color. 


We recently had a dissatisfied customer who had the fibers placed in a pond, below water line to illuminate the water.  The customer had a well-constructed pond with a 7 “step” waterfall in place to beautify the recirculation process. The problem was that they were trying to use Fiber Optic lights in the same way that you would use underwater LED or Halogen lights. They were ready to call it quits on Fiber Optic Lighting, thinking that it wasn't really worth the money. So I visited the site, reviewed current install and then reinstalled the lights.  I removed the 4 existing strands from the pond, placed 3 of them in between rocks along the edge of the waterfall and made sure they were no longer submerged in water, pointing them at the falling water. I placed the 4th in the gravel around a plant root and directed it up in the plant.  The result - the customer loved it so much they ordered an eight strand kit to finish lighting up all the falls.  Fiber Optic is the best way to illuminate specific features in ponds and get striking results. To see more about Fiber Optic lighting, click here.