Firestone QuickSeam™ Cover Strip

With Firestone's QuickSeam™ Cover Strip (or Cover Tape), seaming together two panels of EPDM liner is extremely simple and effective. There are just a few key things to know and steps to follow.

QuickSeam™ Cover Strip is 6" wide and sticky on only one side. It is designed to seal over a joint of adjacent PondGard™ or GeoGard™ EPDM panels. The top side has cured rubber for strength and retention and the bond cures over time, making this an extremely strong and effective way to seal or patch liner. 

Before applying the cover strip, ensue the area is clean and free of mud and other contaminants. Overlap your two adjacent panels by a minimum of 4 inches. Apply Firestone QuickPrime Plus to the area (see blog post on QuickPrime here). Once the QuickPrime is flashed off and ready for the cover strip, you may apply the cover strip. Once applied, roll to mate from the center out - first longitudinally then roll across the seam. It's as easy as that! You've now sealed your panels of liner and are ready to apply water. 

Watch this video for a detailed step by step instruction on creating a seam with cover strip:

A PDF of the step-by-step instructions can be found here.

**QuickSeam™ Cover Strip may also be used to patch holes/cuts in the liner. Just follow these same steps and make sure the tape extends at least 3 inches beyond the hole or the cut.

QuickSeam™ Cover Strip comes in 8 rolls of 6"x25' or 2 rolls of 6"x100'. For more information, you can see the TIS here.