Firestone EPDM Installation Videos

Detail 1: Excavation of a Pond or Containment Structure

Detail 2: Anchor Trench Configuration

Detail 3: Deploying a geotextile downslope

Detail 4: Deploying a geotextile upslope

Detail 5: Using sod staples to hold geotextile against wind uplift

Detail 6: Unrolling Firestone EPDM Geomembrane downslope

Detail 7: Unfolding a roll of Firestone EPDM Geomembrane

Detail 8: Installing a repair patching using a QuickSeam Repair Kit

Creating a seam with a 6" QuickSeam Cover Strip

Detail 10: Creating a seam with 3" QuickSeam Splice Tape

Detail 11: Priming Cover Strip tape for continuation to the next roll.

Detail 12: Removing a fish mouth gap from a QuickSeam Cover Strip

Detail 13: Removing an air bubble from a taped seam

Detail 14: Extended seaming technique into the anchor trench

Detail 15: Fitting Firestone EPDM panels around pipes.

Detail 16: Installing a QuickSeam pre-molded pipe boot or flashing

Detail 17: Fabricating a pipe boot or pipe flashing with 9" QuickSeam Form Flash

Detail 18: Fabricating a pipe boot or pipe flashing with 9" QuickSeam Form Flash Alternate Version

Detail 19: Installing Firestone EPDM to a corner wall 

Detail 20: Adhering Firestone EPDM to a substrate with a Termination Bar or Strip

Detail 21: Installing an inside QuickSeam corner flashing.

Detail 22: Installing an outside QuickSeam corner flashing